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4.0 ( 7520 ratings )
Spiele Puzzle Unterhaltung Brettspiele Bildung Musik Familie
Entwickler YIXIN SHI
0.99 USD

This is an interesting puzzle game!
This game seem to measure not only intelligence but the ability to become clever.
You can also know clever people in this game.

The rule is very simple.
Find the route that visits each vertex exactly once and finally go back to the starting vertex.

Levels is from easy to difficult in the design. The previous levels design was designed to be very simple. However, subsequent levels will gradually increase the difficulty.

Each player will eventually stuck at a level not to move forward. But when you solved the stuck level, you will become more intelligent.

Who will love it?
• Those who love challenges
• Those who is clever
• Those who want to be clever
• Those who want to know clever people